It has indeed been some time since I've last posted an update on this project. I have been working on this little bits at a time, mainly putting a lot of thought into the concept of the game and what it'll become.
You can now purchase the VO Manager Pro on the Unity Asset Store at for $14.99!
View My Map
View My Map is an online web application that gathers Facebook user's checked-in location data and places them on a Google Map. The app also allows the user to export screenshots of their map as well as share them online via a generated link.
In this particular dev log, I'm going to focus on the AI system I've prototype out. It's not rocket science but it definitely does get the job done.
The basic concept of this game is relatively simple. You, the player, are trapped in an enclosed environment. In order to escape you would have to explore your surrounding and put clues together to find a way out.
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