For a while now I’ve been pushing back and forth a concept in my head inspired by an episode of Black Mirror, Metalhead (season 4 Episode 5). Since I have no clue yet what direction I’d like to take this game in I’ve decided to code name the project Metalhead as I explore and flesh out more of its concept. I’ll outline the basic concept below but if you’ve never seen the episode or Black Mirror, in general, I’d highly recommend it!

The Concept

The basic concept of this game is relatively simple. You, the player, are trapped in an enclosed environment. In order to escape you would have to explore your surrounding and put clues together to find a way out. However, you are not alone. There is an artificial intelligence patrolling the area. In order to successfully make it out alive, you would have to avoid this AI at all cost. Getting caught by this AI will result in an instant game over if it gets too close to you.

Black Mirror – Metalhead Official Netflix Trailer

Because I’m also inclined to sell you on the episode and the series here is an official trailer!

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  1. Ok, So if you find the solution with all the clues, you can escape, but do they change everytime you play? I mean, what do you have in mind to make it playable more and more times?

    1. Hi, Stefano. Yes, the goal is to make it re-playable so the idea is to have the clues change each time you replay the game. Of course this is still an early concept so a lot of experimentation and prototyping will be done before an idea is finalized.

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