It has indeed been some time since I’ve last posted an update on this project. I have been working on this little bits at a time, mainly putting a lot of thought into the concept of the game and what it’ll become. I’ll have more information on this in the next dev log, but for today I’m going to share some more progress on my AI system.

Noise Detection and Scanning

Metalhead - Noise Detection and Scanning

One of the functionalities I’ve wanted was for the AI to be attracted to loud noises generated by the player. Upon finally having implemented that I also thought it would be pretty neat if the AI scanned the area after it reached the point of where the noise was detected.

Stunning the AI

Metalhead - Stunning the AI

On top of some more functionality on the AI tracking system, I’ve also added a way for the player to stun the AI for a couple of seconds. If you reference the GIFs above, you’ll notice that the AI (red cube) has a yellow sphere. The spare is the radius the player has to be within to stun the AI agent.

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