VO Manager Lite

You can now download VO Manager Lite for free on the Unity Asset Store at http://u3d.as/ono! Make managing audio files and editing subtitles in Unity easy.

The VO Manager was designed to help developers manage audio clips and subtitles with ease in Unity. VO Manager streamlines the process of managing audio files and subtitles without the hassle of building a complex system.


  • Comes with a custom VO Bank script that manages your audio files and subtitles.
  • The Bank also comes with a custom written inspector to keep things simple.
  • Subtitles automatically appear on screen upon playing the audio.
  • Playing audio only requires one line of code. The VO Manager handles the rest.
  • Play your audio through different audio sources in 3D space.

Watch the Demo Below

Updated 7/18/2018

Are you managing a project with a lot more files? Check out the Pro Version and cut down the amount of time you spend dragging and dropping objects and as a result amplify your experience using the built-in editors.

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