Let’s Start From The Beginning

Welcome everyone to the Let’s Start From The Beginning podcast! In this podcast series I’ll be interviewing and sharing with you guys stories from creative individuals, specifically the journey of who they were before and how that journey got them to where they are now. We’ll be talking about some of the hardships they have to overcome and many of the challenges they face.

The Late Night Void

Welcome to The Late Night Void! A podcast hosted by Tony Le with his occasional guest appearances of friends and friends of friends. This podcast will cover many different topics at random and is more for fun and experimentation. Grab a seat, a drink, and enjoy the crazy ride.

Dear Dev Diary

Dear DEV Diary is an online journal where I share some of the stories and experiences I have had while advancing my career. These entries are more for me to document my journey and be able to talk about some of the challenges I may face or even the good moments I have. My goal is to one day look back at this podcast and see how far and how much I’ve learned.