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  • Finally decided to get myself one of these and boy am I excited! #raspberrypi
  • It has been a very long and exhausting day. Finally finalizing a website for a client and we'll be ready to launch soon after such a long time spent in development. #webdesign #webdev
  • Did some rearranging to lighten things up a little bit. Jasper seems to enjoy the new setup quite well :3
  • Future CEO right here. #boss #corgi
  • On today's agenda, play and nap time.. wait that can't be right can it? Jasper you sure I'm not suppose to be working on a website? #corgi #puppy #webdev #webdesign
  • I have a new worker on the team! He works very hard and makes sure I get up and stretch because it good for my health. Did I mention he is super cute? <3 #corgi #puppy #webdesign #webdev #gamedesign #gamedev